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Montea’s CMD 2024, Inspiring Insights and Strategic Vision

Our two-day event was nothing short of inspiring. Bringing together a diverse team from four countries, we embarked on a journey to explore Montea’s strategy and DNA. Through captivating keynotes, our 25 analysts delved deep into the heart of Montea’s success story.

Connecting with Montea's specialist leaders

At CMD 2024, the analysts had a unique opportunity to meet the brilliant minds driving Montea’s growth, the specialist leaders who turn vision into reality, shaping the future of logistics and real estate in France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. They are our "boots on the ground", with deep expertise about their markets, ready to make Montea grow even further. Their passion and expertise were palpable as they shared their insights, experiences, and aspirations.

Unlocking the Potential: Our Transgenerational Strategy

Montea’s extensive land bank, comprised of 75% grey and brownfields, is a canvas for transformation, We spend tens of millions of euros on remediation transforming them into spaces ready for the future. Our transgenerational strategy ensures that every step we take contributes to sustainable growth and lasting impact. From revitalizing neglected areas to creating vibrant hubs, Montea is at the forefront of innovation.

Developments in Global Value Chains and their Impact on Logistics Real Estate in Europe

Johan Beukema​, Managing Partner at BCI Global, presented insights about logistics real estate. Beukema highlighted that according to BCI survey among tenants the availability of warehouse workers will be the most important factor when it comes to location in the next three years.  He also addressed expectations towards mega distrubtion centers versus city hubs. All details in the presentation below.


Delhaize’s New E-Commerce Home Delivery Center

Our journey led us to Delhaize’s cutting-edge e-commerce center, nestled in the heart of Brussels. As we stepped inside, the air buzzed with anticipation. This once housed Lipton's tea factory, when we purchased this land in 2008. Another successful brownfield transformation.

DHL’s Airport Hub: Where Dreams Take Flight

Our next stop was DHL’s bustling airport hub—a gateway to global connectivity. 

Precision in Motion

DHL’s hub was a choreography of precision. Conveyor belts sorted packages, forklifts waltzed, loading containers destined for every corner of the world. The clock never slept, and neither did the dedicated teams orchestrating this symphony. They navigated customs, weather delays, and time zones, ensuring that promises were kept and deadlines met.

The Pulse of Global Trade

As we stood on the observation deck, we glimpsed the heartbeat of global trade. The runway stretched like a lifeline, connecting continents and aspirations. DHL’s fleet soared, carrying dreams and aspirations to places we could only imagine. In that moment, we understood—we weren’t just witnessing logistics; we were witnessing the pulse of global commerce.

Together, we’re building more than spaces. Warehousing and logistics form the backbone of an open economy.