The audit committee consists of 4 members:

Philippe MathieuChairman
Barbara De SaedeleerMember
Koen Van GervenMember

The duties of the audit committee also include:

  • assisting the Board of Directors in its supervisory responsibilities, particularly with regard to providing information to shareholders and third parties;
  • monitoring of the financial reporting process, particularly of the quarterly, half-yearly and annual results and annual statutory accounts;
  • monitoring of the legal control of the annual statutory accounts and the consolidated financial statements;
  • monitoring the effectiveness of the systems for internal control and risk management of the company;
  • monitoring the internal audit and its effectiveness;
  • assessing and monitoring the independence of the auditor, and approving the remuneration of this auditor, with particular reference to the provision of additional services to the company;
  • analyzing the observations made by the auditor, and, where necessary, making recommendations to the Board of Directors;
  • ensuring that all legislation relating to any conflict of interest is strictly applied.