The executive management consists of the following members:

Jo De WolfChief Executive Officer
Elijarah BV, represented by Els VervaeckeChief Financial Officer
Jimmy GyselsChief Property Management

Jo De Wolf and Jimmy Gysels also qualify as effective leaders in the sense of article 14 of the RREC Act.

The duties of the executive management include:

  • preparation of decisions that must be taken by the Board in order to fulfil its obligations and the timely delivery of the information pertaining thereto;
  • implementation of the decisions of the Board of Directors;
  • establishment of internal controls, subject to the supervisory role of the Board, based on that which is approved by the Board;
  • proposing complete, timely, reliable and accurate preparation of the annual financial statements to the Board;
  • preparation of the publication of the annual financial statements and other material financial and non-financial information;
  • proposing a balanced and comprehensible assessment of the financial situation to the Board;
  • accountability to the Board regarding the performance of its duties.

The executive management is charged in particular with the management of property, the financing policy, the overall management of staff and the HR policy, the preparation of all statutorily required financial and other information and the reporting and distribution of all information required to the public or competent authorities.