The general shareholders meeting is held every year on the third Tuesday of the month of May at ten o'clock, or, if this day is a public holiday, on the previous working day at the same hour. The extraordinary or special meeting may be convened whenever the interests of the company so requires.

In order to exercise their voting rights at the general shareholders meeting, the shareholders must respect specific regulations. Click here for more information (in Dutch).

The total capital of Montea amounts to EUR 421,564,593.94  and is represented by 20,685,271 fully paid-up ordinary shares. There are no preferred shares or non-voting shares, convertible bonds or warrants entitling to shares. Each of these shares carries one voting right at the General Shareholders Meeting and these shares thus represent the denominator for the purposes of notification under the transparency regulations (i.e. notifications in case of reaching, crossing or falling below the statutory or legal thresholds). In addition to the legal thresholds, the Montea Articles of Association specify an additional statutory threshold of 3% in accordance with article 18, §1 of the Transparency Law.