Our sustainable ambition

Logistics real estate is at the heart of everything Montea does. Making this real estate versatile and sustainable is essential to consolidate Montea’s growth in the long term.

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Energy efficiency

We offer energy-efficient solutions and promote the use of renewable energy at Montea and its portfolio.

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Greenhouse gas emissions

We reduce our direct and indirect carbon footprint by limiting the number of greenhouse gas emissions that arise from our business operations, our logistics real estate, and our suppliers.

Sustainable and versatile logistics real estate

We invest in multifunctional and multimodal buildings that consider the life cycle and circularity of materials, avoid construction waste and, at the same time, are vigilant of the well-being of our employees and our customers.

Vision and strategic focus

Sustainable business has always been part of our DNA. Our track record in recent years is the clearest evidence of our commitment to sustainable value growth rather than short-term profit. We took essential steps to convert the Montea DNA into a clear vision and sustainability strategy for the medium (2030) and long (2050) term.

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