Montea is committed to creating a business culture that is characterised by honesty, integrity, a sense of responsibility, strict ethics and compliance with the statutory rules and corporate governance standards that apply to it. These statutory and ethical rules and standards are described further in Montea’s Corporate Governance Charter, Code of Conduct and other internal policies.

Monteaneers that observe conduct within Montea that seems to violate the law or Montea’s internal rules are encouraged to speak up so that Montea can deal with the issue. Montea strongly encourages Monteaneers to discuss irregularities with their supervisors. However, when this is not possible, they are encouraged to speak up in a confidential and safe manner through the formalized reporting procedure in accordance with the principles set forth in our Whistleblower Policy.

Other stakeholders of Montea are encouraged to notify irregularities through the standardized complaints form. In this context, Montea commits itself that:

  • all irregularities reported through the standardized s form will be taken seriously, handled fairly, promptly and consistently in a manner that complies with all relevant regulations;
  • all personal details of an individual filing the notification will be handled in accordance with the applicable privacy legislation;
  • it will aways seek to resolve notified irregularities through mutually agreed solutions.

Montea will acknowledge receipt of notifications within 7 calendar days of receipt and aims for a resolution within 30 calendar days of receipt. Montea may designate a specific point of contact to deal with the notification depending on its subject and will communicate with the person who made the notification in a transparent manner on the progress of the notification. All notifications will be registered in a register to keep track of the notification and any follow-up actions taken in that respect.