The board of directors of Montea Management NV consists of the following seven members:

End of mandate
Dirk De PauwChairman and executive directorGM May 2025
Jo De WolfManaging director

GM May 2022

Peter SnoeckNon-executive directorGM May 2025
Sophie MaesNon-executive and independent directorGM May 2022
Philippe MathieuNon-executive and independent directorGM May 2025
Barbara De SaedeleerNon-executive and independent directorGM May 2024
Koen Van GervenNon-executive and independent directorGM May 2024

The board of directors of Montea Management NV has the following specific duties:

  • defining the strategy of Montea, its risk profile and in particular defining the sectors and the geographical area in line with the relevant legal requirements;
  • approval of investment decisions in line with relevant legal requirements;
  • monitoring and approval of periodic financial information;
  • oversight of the executive management, particularly in light of strategy monitoring;
  • approval of public offering information;
  • proposal of profit distribution;
  • other duties expressly assigned by the Belgian Company Code to the statutory manager (strategy and budget, annual, quarterly and half-yearly accounts, use of the authorized capital, approval of the merger/break-up reports, convening of the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meetings, organising the decision-making bodies and appointing their members).