H2ulst : Logistics HUB and hydrogen as engine for decarbonisation

Europe is in full transition to a carbon-neutral economy by 2050, and in doing so, a deep transformation of carbon-intensive activities is crucial. In addition, every company is looking for opportunities to reduce high energy costs. The companies at MG Park De Hulst* (Willebroek) are no exception. That is why Montea, Quares and Toyota Material Handling have joined forces to make this business park a forerunner on the road to CO2 neutrality.

The aim is to explore how to achieve this objective through cooperation in renewable energy, mobility and logistics.

A complex ecosystem such as that of MG Park De Hulst requires a multifaceted approach in which various technological solutions are offered, and in which the wishes and aspirations of all companies are taken into account as much as possible.

Consequently, Montea, Quares and Toyota Material Handling have taken the initiative to launch a feasibility study with the support of the VUB and the intercluster organisation Flux 50/VIL/VLAIO. This aims to study and optimise the possible scenarios for the energy transition of MG Park De Hulst.

To this end, various solutions will be studied, including local renewable energy generation, locally produced green hydrogen, energy storage systems, electric and hydrogen vehicles, both for mobility and internal logistics. The involvement and input of the companies present on the business park is essential for the success of this study in which we want to include the needs of each company.

* MG Park De Hulst in Willebroek is an extremely sustainable and unique logistics and semi-industrial industrial park. Thanks to its immediate access to the quay on the Brussels-Scheldt Canal with loading and unloading facilities, this project takes new logistics needs into account. Cost optimisation for users has also been considered, by sharing both sprinkler and buffer infrastructure on the site. Thanks to the comprehensive management of energy, waste and water, combined with the green areas, this carbon neutral park is one of the most sustainable in Belgium.