Strengthening of equity by € 16,326,616.68 (capital + issue premium) that will be used to fund the further growth of the real estate portfolio.

To support the further growth, Montea offered its shareholders an optional dividend again. A total of 52% of coupons no. 23 (which represent the dividend for financial year 2020) were exchanged for new shares.

Accordingly, 191,762 new shares will be issued tomorrow evening (after the closing of the stock exchange) by notarial deed for a total amount of € 16,326,616.68 (€ 3,908,109.56 in capital and € 12,418,507.12 in issue premium) within the framework of the authorized capital. The newly created shares are expected to be admitted for trading on Euronext Brussels and Euronext Paris as of 14 June 2021. As of 10 June 2021 (after the closing of the stock exchange), the share capital of Montea will be represented by 16,215,456 shares.

The dividend rights that were not contributed, are to be paid out in cash as well as a remaining cash component of the contributed coupons (i.e. € 0.001 per contributed coupon no. 23). The net total amount to be paid out amounts to € 15,388,688.17 or € 1.981 per not contributed coupon plus € 0.001 per contributed coupon.

The actual settlement of the dividend will take place on Monday 14 June 2021 whereby, according to the choice of the shareholders: (i) the new shares, issued in exchange for the contribution of the dividend rights, will be delivered; (ii) the dividend will be paid out in cash, or (iii) a combination of the two foregoing options.