Launch of a build-to-suit project of ca. 18,000 m² in Camphin-en-Carembault (FR)

In December 2014, Montea and Panafrance concluded a partnership agreement for the development of a logistics platform on 103,000 m² in Camphin-en-Carembault. The land has a unique location to the south of Lille on the A1 motorway in the heart of the Lille-Paris-Lyon logistics triangle. Two distribution centres of 18,000 m² and 24,000 m² (with a total of 42,000 m²) can be developed on the land.

In the meantime, for phase 1 of the project, Montea will develop a distribution centre of ca. 18,000 m², that can be divided into 3 units. DSM Food Specialties France SAS will rent 12,000 m² (2 of the 3 units) for a fixed period of 9 years. DSM Food Specialties (DSM Group) is specialised in the production and export of enzymes for the food industry (

The development will be operational in the first quarter of 2018. The transaction represents a total investment value of € xx million. Upon letting the third unit, which Montea expects to conclude before the building is delivered in the beginning of 2018, this distribution centre will generate an additional rent of € 740,440.

Negotiations with candidate tenants are also in progress for the development of the second building (24,000 m²).

Sale & Lease back of an industrial building of ca. 1,500 m² in the Paris region – Investment value: € 1.93 million

Montea is investing in an industrial building in Alfortville of ca 1,500 m² with a strategic location at the foot of the A86 motorway (Pompadour) just a few minutes of the western (A4) and southern (A6) motorway. The building comprises ca. 1,100 m² of storage space and 400 m² office space and mezzanines.

This investment is in the framework of the extension of the existing portfolio in the Paris region, where Montea has invested €29.7 million by purchasing 6 completed rented industrial buildings near Paris Charles De Gaulle airport and the Paris Region.

A lease agreement has been concluded with Brard, a woodworking company ( for a term of 9 years (first break after 6 years).

This transaction represents a total investment value of €1.93 million. It will generate an additional rent of € 0.16 million per year.

The projects above are financed by funds that Montea recently obtained from the sale of 3 properties in France (net sale price € 60.4 million).