The information memorandum relating to the optional dividend has just been published on the Montea website. During the option period, (from 29th May 2019 to 12th June 2019 inclusive), shareholders can decide to transfer their dividend rights (in full or in part) to the capital of Montea in exchange for new shares.

On 20th May 2019, the statutory manager of Montea Comm.VA (Montea), in the context of the authorised capital, subject to the condition precedent of the decision to pay out the gross dividend by the general meeting of Montea on 21st May 2019, decided to offer the shareholders of Montea, by way of an optional dividend, the possibility of transferring their claim arising from the dividend payment into the capital of Montea. On 21st May 2019, the general meeting of Montea approved payment of the gross dividend.

This means that all shareholders have the possibility of transferring their claim arising from the dividend payment into the capital of Montea. This will be done through the issue of new shares (in addition to the option of receiving the dividend in cash or the possibility of opting for a combination of both of the previous options). The new shares will participate in the profit from 1st January 2019 (with coupon nº 22 attached). The gross dividend of € 2.26 per share represented by coupon nº 21 (detached on 21st February 2019) to which 12,814,692 shares are entitled.

One new share can be subscribed to by contributing 46 nº 21 coupons (each in the amount of the net dividend of € 1.582 per coupon), which represent shares of the same form. Overall, this equates to an issue price of € 72.772 per new share (i.e. 46 nº 21 coupons x € 1.582).

The issue price of the new shares is € 72.772 per share, a discount of 4.11% in relation to the 30-day average Montea share price prior to 20th May 2019. Based on the closing price on 17th May 2019 of € 77.90, the discount is 6.58%. 46 nº 21 coupons (attached on 21st February 2019) give entitlement to 1 new share.

More information about the terms of the optional dividend is available in the information memorandum, which can be found on Shareholders are requested to read this information memorandum. Any decision to acquire new shares in the context of the optional dividend must be based on all of the information provided in the information memorandum.