Montea announces that it is planning today the (indirect) contribution in kind of the logistics building located in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands for a contribution value of approximately €8,825,000 that will result in the issue of 203,107 new Montea shares in the context of its authorized capital.

Montea acquired a logistics building of 6,290m² and 108 parking places on business park “De President” in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands through its Dutch subsidiary Montea Nederland N.V. from Kenick Capital B.V. from Moerdijk. “De President” is a business park of ca. 100 hectares to the south of Hoofddorp. XO Property Partners assisted in this transaction. On 4 April 2018, the deed of delivery relating to this property in the Netherlands was executed. Around noon, Montea expects the confirmation from the Dutch notary that the property is free of mortgage and seizures, making the transaction final.

Montea then plans - after trading hours - to increase its capital within the limits of its authorized capital by means of the contribution in kind of the receivable of Kenick Capital B.V. on Montea Nederland NV to pay the purchase price by virtue of the transfer of ownership of the property, for a total amount of € 8,824,999.15 (€ 4,139,320.66 share capital and € 4,685,678.49 issue premium), against the issue of new Montea shares, at an issue price per share equal to € 43,45. This issue price corresponds to the weighted average closing price of the Montea share on the Euronext Brussels market during the 30 calendar days before 5 April 2018, minus the gross dividend payable for the period from 1 October 2017 to 31 December 2017, which is due in May/June 2018 (coupon n° 19), i.e. a gross amount of € 0.54 per share (subject to the approval by the annual general meeting of shareholders of 15 May 2018). These shares will participate in the results of the financial year that started on 1 January 2018.

The contributor Kenick Capital B.V., will be compensated with 203,107 new Montea shares for a total amount of € 8,824,999.15. The 203.107 new Montea shares that will thus be issued will be ordinary shares that have the same rights as the existing shares. The admission to trading of the new shares on Euronext Brussels and Paris will be requested without delay.

Due to the possibility to pay in shares, Montea can proactively manage its equity structure and maintain a buffer of credit facilities, which gives it the possibility to perform additional debt-financed transactions in the future. The contribution in kind will thus have a beneficial effect on both the statutory and consolidated debt ratio of Montea, with a reduction of approx. 0.59% compared to the consolidated debt ratio as at 31 December 2017.