On the 7th June 2018, Montea enacted the implementation of the capital increase in the context of optional dividend offered to its shareholders. Montea’s share capital was increased by € 4,154,232.73 (and the issue premium by € 4,572,072.05, make a total boost of the equity capital by € 8,726,304.78) through the issue of 203,838 new shares. Montea’s share capital will henceforth be represented by 12,017,476 shares. The newly created shares are expected to be admitted for trading from 8th June 2018 on Euronext Brussels and Euronext Paris.

Those dividend rights not surrendered will be paid out in cash. The total net amount to be paid out is
€ 7,017,647.52 (inclusive of cash component for the shareholders who subscribed for new shares). The capital increase will be used to finance the further growth of Montea.

The actual settlement of the dividend will take place on Friday 8th June 2018 when, depending on the choice of the shareholders, (i) the new shares issued in exchange for the surrender of dividend rights will be released, (ii) the payout of the dividend in cash will take place, or (iii) a combination of both of the aforementioned methods of payment.

Disclosure pursuant to article 15 of the Act of 2nd May 2007 relative to the disclosure of significant shareholdings (Transparency Act)

Following the completion of this capital increase and the issue of 203,838 new shares for a total issue price of
€ 8,726,304.78 (specifically € 4,154,232.73 capital and € 4,572,072.05 issue premium), Montea’s total issued capital at 7th June 2018 was € 244,917,003.39. From that date, the capital will be represented by 12,017,476 fully paid-up ordinary shares. There are no preferential shares or shares without a voting right, nor are there any convertible bonds or warrants that give entitlement to shares. Each of these shares grants the right to cast one vote at the General Meeting and hence these shares represent the denominator for disclosure purposes in the context of transparency regulations (i.e. notification in the event of (among other things) reaching, exceeding or failing to reach the statutory or legal threshold).

In addition to the legal thresholds stated in Montea’s articles of association, under article 18, §1 of the Transparency Act, there is an additional statutory threshold of 3%.