The first pile of a new logistics real estate in Montea’s property portfolio has been driven in: the first bee hotel has been installed at the business park in Erembodegem!

Solitaire or wild bees are struggling today in a scenery where less and less nectar plants are existing. The bees also suffer from the use of pesticides and bee disease. Bees are nonetheless very important to our planet. They are responsible for pollinating wild plants and flowers. They perpetuate floral growth and provide attractive habitats for other animals such as insects and birds. Bees are responsible for pollinating agricultural types of plant, and sustaining our modern food system: no pollination, no food.

Companies can take care of the earth by not just delivering sustainable buildings, but by maintaining business parks in an ecological way as well. Within the BLUElabel mission, Montea focuses on the sustainability of the logistic real estate in the broadest sense of the word. The ecological design of the landscape at the business park is a part of this mission.

At the business park in Erembodegem, a flower zone was planted a few years ago. This ecological layout of the garden is now strengthened with a bee hotel. The employees at this site can enjoy the wide variety of native plants while the insect populations can flourish similarly.

Space for birds and bees!

bijenhotel op bedrijventerrein Erembodegem 01
Bijenhotel bedrijventerrein Erembodegem 02