Vil vierkant

The LSI® is a tool that gives logistics companies real insight into how sustainable their logistics activities are. The VIL (Flemish Logistics Institute) developed this index together with a group of companies, including Montea.

For Montea, sustainability entails far more than just ecological considerations. Montea does not want to live on credit from the future. This applies to the way in which Montea manages its property portfolio and corporate choices. Our cooperation in the development of this index was consequently an obvious choice.

A sustainability score is attributed to determine whether a company is really good at sustainability. The company can then use this score to get down to work. The LSI® is not about being the greenest. The information obtained from the LSI® is based on data and facts and can be used by companies to proceed more sustainably. It can serve as an incentive for companies on the sustainability front. Companies that are already actively working on sustainability have a benchmark through LSI® to position themselves on the sustainability front with regard to the competition. The LSI® also provides a frame of reference that can be used to communicate about sustainability, for instance.