Challenges in our society, translated into five megatrends for the future

Our society is changing at dazzling speed. This has an impact on how we live (today and tomorrow) and what the future of our planet looks like, which must not be underestimated. As Montea has both feet firmly planted in the logistics and spatial sectors, we have an enormous impact and therefore responsibility also. So we asked ourselves the question: what are the burning issues in our society and in which of them can we play an important role? Where is our biggest impact and how can we exert a positive influence?

The exercise identified five themes. Five megatrends that are inevitably part of Montea's future. With these themes in mind, we eventually drew up our materiality matrix and are working towards our ESG targets for 2030 and 2050.

4. Sustainable use of space

Space has become a scarce commodity. With the rising demand for warehouses, it is already overused. How can we use the available space as efficiently as possible and still keep meeting the demand?

An issue that has occupied our minds for longer than today and is the driving force behind three key actions.

  1. We cluster space on industrial estates. We invest in sites on logistics industrial estates, where multimodal connections already exist and where new logistics needs are met. We also think about optimizing costs for our customers through, for instance, shared sprinkler facilities and a thorough management of energy, waste, water and green areas.
  2. With multi-layer buildings, we make more intelligent use of the available space. By working in height, we limit the impact on the ground surface.
  3. We will always give priority to optimizing existing sites and buildings. So reconversion has long been one of our fixed pillars. If renovation does not work (anymore), we redevelop a site: old, inefficient buildings are replaced by more sustainable ones. When we look for new land, we prefer sites that already had an industrial function.