As we aim for a maximum tenant satisfaction every single day, Montea provides property management for all logistic warehouses.

How My Montea works

  • The tenant registers notifications, issues, requests, etc.
    He can follow up the action items and add feedback. In case of damages, the helpdesk can provide immediate assistance.
  • Helpdesk treats calls promptly.
    Subcontractors and suppliers receive workorders immediately. Lead time of calls is monitored, evaluated and improved on a continuous basis.
  • Relevant documents of the property are saved in My Montea:
    Like reports or legally required inspections, maintenance records, request for private works, evacuation guidelines, manuals for technical installations, etc.
  • The maintenance module is running in the back office
    We generate workorders for maintenance, inspections, examinations, etc. We check the performance of maintenance according to the agreed maintenance programme.