Montea’s solution

The current space is becoming increasingly scarce, and we simply cannot ignore that. This means that together we need to use it intelligently. By building on multiple floors, for example. A smart solution, which must be made feasible financially, structurally and policy-wise. As a developing investor, we also want to develop more sustainable and multifunctional buildings for our clients.Each project is bespoke and ideally created in consultation with all stakeholders. The only way we can really do this is together: with policymakers, architects, developers and clients.

That is why we are going to develop logistics real estate fundamentally differently, from the very first sketch.

Montea is part of the solution, together with you.

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Team HOK
Hylcke Okkinga*
Country Director Netherlands (*BrightSite BV)
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Cedric Montanus bis2
Cedric Montanus
Country Director Netherlands (*BrightSite BV)
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Team PDM
Peter Demuynck*
Chief Strategy and Innovation (*PDM CommV)
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Luc Merigneux
Country Director France