Studio 100 is particularly delighted to announce that it has found a new location for the 40-45 musical. It is the Montea site near the A12 and N16 interchange in Puurs. In addition to excellent accessibility, this location provides enough parking and has all the winning assets to host the blockbuster production. All parties involved are very enthusiastic about the new location and are looking forward to the premiere on 7 October 2018.


The decision has been made: Studio has found a new location for the blockbuster 40-45 musical, close to the A12 and N16 interchange in Puurs. Until March of this year, the building was still being used as a warehouse for a clothing chain. The entire site covers more than 40,000 m² in all.

Studio 100 will transform this site completely in the coming months into an accessible, public-friendly and modern theatre, where visitors can enjoy a captivating performance in all comfort. A large temporary structure is being erected to measure for 40-45 on the lawn of the buildings. The artistic concept, including rolling bleachers, is fully retained. The warehouse of the building will be used as foyer and reception area. The office area will be arranged as an artistic and production facility. Sufficient parking will also be provided.

Gert Verhulst: “With this location in Puurs we have found the perfect site for the 40-45 musical. I am particularly delighted that 35,000 people have already shown their confidence in us by buying a ticket. Now that people know we can stage the show in Puurs, we can step up the production process. I am really looking forward to 7 October 2018, when we will roll out the red carpet here for the premiere.” Hans Bourlon: “I am particularly delighted that, together with Studio 100, we have managed to find a beautiful and easily accessible location that has all the winning assets. As motivated entrepreneurs, we are trying to turn every setback into a new opportunity.

Jo De Wolf, CEO Montea: “In 2014 we attended the 14-18 performance with the Montea team and were impressed by this Flemish mega production. It is a special honour for us to be able to make a contribution to the new and ambitious 40-45 musical. The ideal solution for Studio 100 was found by combining two Montea locations (Puurs – Schoonmasveld and Puurs – Rijksweg).”

Studio 100 has signed a lease which will generate rent totalling €700.000 per year as of March 2018.