After Belgium, France and the Netherlands, Montea is now ready to enter the German market and thus increase its international position. The strong growth of the logistics market in Europe and the leading role of the German economy are the main drivers for further international breakthrough. For the expansion, Montea enters into a partnership with the IMPEC Group. Montea expects to announce its first projects in Germany before the end of this year.

At present Montea is active in Belgium, the Netherlands and France, but is now expanding its activities to Germany. The reason for this choice: the strong growth ambitions make the stock listed group look at the country with one of the leading economies in Europe. In recent months, Montea embarked on a search for a suitable partner with a similar DNA. They found that partner in the German IMPEC Group.

“This decision was not taken overnight. Its central location, excellent infrastructure, high-technology and building standards make Germany today Europe’s most attractive logistics market. We therefore fully believe that we can achieve our ambitions in Germany through a strong cooperation with the IMPEC Group.” Jo De Wolf, CEO Montea.

Like Montea, the IMPEC Group has grown out of a family business. Moreover, the German group has the same values with a focus on a long-term value creation through built-to-suit developments on strategic positions.

The IMPEC Group – or IMPEC Real Estate GmbH – was founded in 1993 by Gerhard Mannsperger. Since the arrival of son Domenique Mannsperger, a seasoned logistics developer, the company has focused exclusively on logistic developments, with clients like Seifert Logistics, Duvenbeck and Mateco. The IMPEC Group developed over 550,000 m² of leased storage space and has a transactional volume of €400 million in the past years.

Next steps

Montea and the IMPEC Group have just signed an agreement, under the terms of which the IMPEC Group will search for development and investment opportunities for Montea on the German market. Montea will act as a financial partner for these projects during the development phase as well as investor for the end products. Thanks to its experience in sustainable developments and investments, the IMPEC Group will contribute to Montea's strong growth ambition.

The IMPEC Group has been able to prove its mettle as a project developer on several occasions and has been looking for a reliable partner, who has the same philosophy and quality demands on its own project developments as we do. With Montea as a financially robust partner, we will be able to increase our impact significantly and in so doing meet the increased demand for high-quality real estate and our own ambition.” Domenique Mannsperger, Director Montea Germany.

The growth ambition is clearly present at Montea and due to this partnership Germany will be - next to Belgium, the Netherlands and France - the fourth country where Montea is active. The expansion marks the start of a next phase in the investment strategy in high-quality and sustainable logistics positions. Supported by the resources from the capital increase and the optional dividend, Montea is convinced that it will grow rapidly in Germany. At present, Montea expects to announce its first projects in Germany before the end of this year.