Roparun, running for a good cause

The motto of Roparun is “Add life to the days, where often days can no longer be added to the life.” The Roparun foundation lives up to the motto by providing financial support for organizations that work with people stricken with cancer. Last year, Roparun raised a record amount of €5,626,988.79. Montea wants to do its bit here too.

One of our colleagues is currently confronted with cancer from up close. The Princess Maxima Centre in Utrecht where the courageous little patient is being treated, is one of the good causes of Roparun. The Princess Maxima Centre wants to cure every child suffering from cancer with optimal quality of life. All colleagues at Montea were therefore convinced very quickly that Montea simply had to do this.

Logo Roparun

The #Monteaneers Ropa team

The central part of the team consists of the runners. Our eight runners will each run an average of 65 km in the relay race – continuously over three days, and thus at night also. Our runners will be constantly supported and assisted by two cyclists. Our four cyclists will alternate in pairs, so each of them will have cycled 250 km upon arrival in Rotterdam.

To get the athletes to the right place, our drivers will follow the runner and cyclists constantly and thus bring the right man or woman to the right place, so that the relay race can run smoothly.

In addition, an extensive support team will be on hand: the cooking crew, a masseur to rub the muscles when necessary, someone to attend to communication, persons to attend to our sleeping places during the weekend, etc. In other words, everybody knows what to do.

Job opening

Our team is ready to go but is still looking for a qualified masseur or physiotherapist who supports us to get our team fit in Rotterdam. Is this you or do you know someone who might be motivated to join us, please contact [email protected]!