One of the ambitions of the VIL, the innovation platform for the logistics sector, is to make Flanders the textbook example of sustainable development. Sustainability is a priority for Montea as well, and that is why it recently signed the VIL Sustainable Logistics Charter.

Flanders must become the epitome of sustainable trade and logistics, according to the VIL. The focus must be on new economies (circular economy, sharing economy), co-modality, renewable energy, alternative fuels and smart urban logistics. The right choices can ensure that the logistics of today does not mortgage the future of the generations of tomorrow.

With the Sustainable Logistics Charter, the VIL brings together companies and organizations that are prepared to make active efforts to get the economy and ecology to move forward in tandem. Montea is an ardent proponent of this principle and supports this initiative to the full. Montea has been working for years according to its own quality label for sustainability, the BLUELabel. Economic, environmental and social considerations are key in all projects, not only in Belgium, but also in France and the Netherlands.

Already in 2013, Montea was given the Lean & Green Award by the Flemish Minister for the Environment for efforts on the sustainability of its property portfolio.
In 2015, Montea was the first Belgian real estate investment company to be awarded the Lean & Green Star in recognition for reducing the CO2 emissions in its Belgian portfolio by 26%.
Today, we are continuing various efforts to integrate sustainable dimensions in the new buildings and in the existing real estate, such as:

  • An efficient approach to energy, water and waste management;
  • Monitoring and improving energy consumption;
  • Limiting CO2 emissions;
  • Creating a biodiverse environment with attention for nature and people;
  • A cost-conscious and proactive maintenance management

As owners of logistics buildings, we always promote the ecological programme among our tenants, so that we can pursue a coherent sustainability concept – not only for today, but for the coming generations as well.