The new crossdock centre for Mainfreight in Genk has been delivered and is open for business!

The new building was custom developed and consists of 8,000 m² handling space and 790 m² office space. There are 60 loading docks available on both sides of the building. The new crossdock centre provides room for good growth for Mainfreight. Customers can be helped more efficiently, so as to be able to improve the performance and service levels further. The location in Genk is particularly suitable for good connections by road and waterways.

A team of Futureproof Engineers subjected the crossdock centre to a thorough check before the official delivery. The conclusion after the quality check by three strong girls: a futureproof logistics building, ready for the next generation!

Mainfreight crossdock center Genk
Mainfreight crossdock center Genk
Mainfreight crossdock center Genk
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Dirk Van Buggenhout
Chief Sustainability Officer