Today the first pile of the new WFS center at Brussels Airport will be installed by John Batten (CEO EMEAA WFS), Marc Claesen (VP Regional North Europe WFS), Arnaud Feist (CEO Brussels Airport Company) and Jo De Wolf (CEO Montea) .

New impetus

WFS (WorldWide Flight Services) is one of the world leaders in ground handling, present at around 200 locations, in 23 countries, across 5 continents. WFS has a continuous and stable growth and is a valuable, modern partner who is also active in numerous Air Cargo Belgium projects. The new complex at Brucargo comprises 7,230 m² of storage space and 1,440 m² of offices. Marc Claesen, Regional Vice President WFS: " For WFS Belgium, the development of a new warehouse in cooperation with Montea is a crucial step in the further development of a modern handling facility at Brucargo. The new construction project will enable us to give new impetus to the quality standards and the modern requirements for e-commerce and pharmaceuticals in air freight."

The new WFS distribution center is part of a larger-scale project for the development of new buildings in the cargo zone, according to Arnaud Feist: "On the western side, Brussels Airport Company wants to invest in a building of around 50,000 m² for the needs of 4 companies - including WFS. In addition to the construction of these new complexes, the existing building park will also be renovated ". In total, 100 million euros will be invested within the cargo zone over the next three years, in line with the Strategic Vision for 2040. "This objective will not only guarantee employment in the airport itself, with approximately 5,000 direct employees, but also in various other sectors, in all regions of the country," Feist explains.

This development is also a milestone in the presence of Montea at Brussels Airport. Jo De Wolf: "With this development, Montea is achieving once again growth of the total presence of Montea at Brussels Airport. In concrete terms, this means more than 130,000 m² of business space as a supporting infrastructure for the Belgian economy: space for companies to grow ". Brucargo represents about 12% of the Montea real estate portfolio, the highest percentage in one location in the Montea portfolio. This is the best proof that Montea is convinced of and believes in the importance of well-run airports, with professional management and a long-term vision.