In the final phase of the construction process of the new European distribution center for Carglass in Genk, EcoNation LightCatchers are being installed in the warehouse roof. These are light domes that do not just allow daylight into the warehouse, but they also distribute this daylight in an optimal way. This energy-efficient daylight technology saves on the energy bill and at least as important: it provides a pleasant working climate in the warehouse.

Light distribution

Carglass's new European distribution center in Genk is over 40,000 m² in size. To illuminate this floor space, the artificial lighting is supplemented with the EcoNation LightCatcher technology. A total of 422 light domes are placed in this warehouse. The LightCatcher light domes are equipped with an on-board computer. On the one hand, this computer ensures an optimal light distribution over the workstations, without bright beams or shadow spots. On the other hand, the sensors measure the daylight level. When sufficient natural daylight enters the warehouse, the artificial light is dimmed and even turned off.


With 422 LightCatchers in its 40,000 m² warehouse, Carglass is expected to save around 175 MWh per year annually. More specifically ?

  • Artificial light can burn 2,190 hours a year with this energy
  • There are 8 tennis fields of solar panels needed to provide this artificial light
  • This energy can alternatively be used to charge 4,000 fork lift truck batteries


In addition to the reduction of artificial light, the LightCatchers offer numerous advantages that greatly improve the well-being of the warehouse staff. Due to good thermal insulation of the domes, temperature fluctuations can be limited to a great extent. No overheating in summer or hypothermia in winter, but a more stable indoor climate.

Daylight is also healthy and has a positive effect on the state of mind. It has been proven that daylight has a favourable influence on work performance: it increases the concentration and efficiency of employees and it reduces absenteeism.

Pleasant work climate

Creating a pleasant working environment is one of the ways in which Carglass wants to recognize its people for the good work they do. Montea’s philosophy fits seamlessly with such projects: we are always looking for efficient and sustainable real estate solutions in which the well-being of building users plays a central role.

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