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We use our expertise in logistics real estate to make sustainable long-term investments that create value for our customers, shareholders, employees and other stakeholders:

  • Locations: we invest in strategic locations that support multi-functional and multi-modal solutions.
  • Added-value: we invest in infrastructure and innovation to support our clients, allowing them to excel in their operations.
  • Well-prepared warehouses: we design versitale warehouses that are long-term investments.
  • Energy & climate change: we pro-actively decrease our carbon footprint and support our clients in their decarbonisation effort with low-carbon warehouses.
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Sustainable business has always been part of our DNA.

Our track record in recent years is the clearest evidence of our commitment to sustainable value growth rather than short-term profit. We took essential steps to convert the Montea DNA into a clear vision and sustainability strategy for the medium (2030) ad long (2050) term.

Making smart investments in real estate which offer our clients well-located, well-prepared, low-carbon and versatile warehouses.

Jo De Wolf