Montea will start in November with the development of a new logistics distribution center at Flexport City, the new logistics park at Liege Airport. The site that Montea will develop at Liege Airport is over 51,000 m², located at the entrance of Flexport City and immediately adjacent to the new handling buildings.


Flexport City is part of Land In Liege. This is a partnership between SOWAER, owner of the land at and around Liege airport, and LIEGE AIRPORT, operator of the airport. The aim of this collaboration is to create a joint added value for the development of the airport infrastructure as well as the surrounding business parks. Today, the first 85 hectares of land are ready for immediate development of all kinds of air freight related logistic activities. A total of 470 hectares of land will be available at Flexport City in the coming years.

Liege Airport is located in the middle of the golden logistics triangle Amsterdam-Frankfurt-Paris.
Nearly 70% of all European transport runs through this triangle. There is intensive use of air freight in this region.


Evening and night flights are unlimited at Liege Airport. Due to the continuous arrivals and departures of freight planes, the support services are also available non-stop. The customs activities work indefinitely, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. The "ground handlers" are also continuously available to process the handling and goods flows. Liege Airport and Flexport City can therefore count on an interesting dynamic and unprecedented flexibility.

The Cargo Nord zone of Liege Airport - Flexport City - is being further developed. The area on the Cargo Nord zone, has been designed for an integrated logistics park. This strategic location will focus on developments relating to:

  • E-commerce
  • Express Delivery
  • Pharma & Healthcare
  • Fresh and perishable goods
  • EDCs

Montea will start in November 2017 with the construction of the first distribution center at Flexport City. A warehouse of approximately 20.000 m² in total will be erected. In the first phase, 12.200 m² will be built. Part of the warehouse (4.700 m² with 500 m² of offices) has already been leased to Malysse-Sterima for a long term. This company will distribute sterilized medical kits throughout Europe and is therefore the "medical care specialist" at Liege Airport.

In the new hypermodern building at Flexport City, an additional 7.000 m² will be available in the first phase, with a possibility to rent smaller units. These two parts of the logistics warehouse will be delivered within about 10 months.

If you are interested in (part of) the available unit, Sven Cornelis is happy to be at your service!